Good Friday…

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Went out for a walk with my father this morning.  I have a new found appreciation for the outdoors.  There is so much stuff to see in your own back yard.  It’s beautiful, relaxing, exciting and it’s unscripted.  To update from my last post, I have found an internship and am looking forward to working with Big Brothers Big Sisters.  Enjoy your Easter weekend everyone!


I never thought it would be so difficult to offer 6 weeks of free work to a company.  To those who have internships, did you know someone in the company?  Did you luck into it?  Share your secrets for everyone to see!!34775658

Informational interviews

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So last night I was at my Shrine Club’s meeting, and I unintentionally had two informational interviews!!  One with an E-Commerce Manager from Wal-Mart Canada, and the other with a locomotive mechanic from CN Rail.  Both interviews revolved around internal communications.  Two down, one to go.  Here are some pics from the meeting.

The next step…

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I took it upon myself to design and order some business cards for myself.  I put this off for far too long.  For those interested in designing and ordering some business cards, I suggest  50 business cards, front and back for $8.  Shipping was a bit much, but at the end of the day, I don’t mind. 

What do you think?

Shot some photos this weekend…

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IMG_1958 IMG_1968 IMG_1976 IMG_1977 IMG_1990 IMG_2001


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This is one of my favourite pictures I’ve taken. I’m not a professional photographer at all. What do you think?